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Shipping: Do’s & Don’ts

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Shipping an item can be an overwhelming ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. The following shipping suggestions will help alleviate stress, save you time, and make the entire process of shipping your items a breeze.


Double Box Fragile Items:

  • Make sure to secure fragile items in bubble before placing them in a box.
  • Once items are placed, secure them with packing peanuts or some equivalent filler. This will keep items from shifting throughout the shipping process.
  • Consider placing the box in a larger box surrounded by packing peanuts, which gives your item an extra layer of cushioning.

Clearly Label the Interior & Exterior of Box:

  • If one box is damaged during shipping, this extra precaution will help ensure that your item makes it to its intended destination.
  • Clearly marking fragile items will help ensure that they are handled with care by shipping personnel.

Consider the Weather:

  • During the winter, some hazards to your item worth considering are snow, sleet, ice, rain, and slush. In summer, avoid shipping items that could potentially melt (chocolates, waxes, etc.)
  • If you are unable to find a weather-resistant box, consider wrapping your item in a Ziploc bag or sealed trash bag. Nothing is worse than receiving a soggy box with a damaged item inside.


Ship a Partially-Full Box:

If your packaged box is not entirely filled, it may get crushed beneath the weight of a heavier box.
For this reason, make sure to insulate excess space in your box with packing peanuts, bubble, or newspaper.

Pack Loosely:

You may pack one fragile item securely, but leave a less fragile item unsecured in your box. The unsecured item might shift during transit and damage the fragile item. Secure all items sufficiently.

Neglect to Properly Pack Perishables:

There are strict guidelines for how to ship perishable items. If you are unsure of the rules, you can contact your courier for their specific requirements.
Some perishables might spoil before they reach their intended destination. Make sure that all items you are shipping will survive the journey.

Shipping should be a piece of cake so long as you take the necessary precautions. Good preparation will ensure that your item is shipped securely, on time, and undamaged.

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