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Mailing Tubes and Caps

Stock numberItemSizeQuantity
562103.00Plastic Caps for Mailing Tubes3"each
562104.00Plastic Caps for Mailing Tubes4"each
562106.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 12each
562107.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 15each
562108.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 18each
562110.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 24each
562120.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 36each
562130.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 48each
562135.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps2 x 60each
562140.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps3 x 24each
562150.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps3 x 36each
562160.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps3 x 48each
562162.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps3 x 60each
562164.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps4 x 24each
562165.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps4 x 36each
562170.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps4 x 48each
562180.00Mailing Tubes - w/caps4 x 60each

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