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Packing Household Items for Shipping and Storage Made Easy

Boxes packed to move

Packing does not have to be a daunting ordeal. Just apply the following tips to your household items, and you'll discover that packing for a big or small move is something you can easily tackle.


  • Use a medium-sized box and line the bottom with bubble or an equivalent packing filler
  • Completely cover plates with packing paper, stacking plates neatly in box
  • Re-wrap the entire bundle of plates for extra security and to alleviate shifting when in transit
  • Make sure the plates are standing on edge in the box to avoid breaking

Glasses & Stemware:

  • Stuff glasses and stemware with packing tissue before wrapping to alleviate the possibility of breaking
  • Corrugated paper rolls or cellular boxes can be used for extra protection
  • Place on top of heavier flat items in the box (dishes, books, or magazines

Electronic Equipment:

  • Pack valuable electronic equipment in its original package whenever possible
  • Consider wrapping the item in an old blanket or towel for added protection
  • Always wrap cords separately and properly labeled for easy re-installation

Lamps & Lampshades:

  • Remove all bulbs, harps and shades before placing in box
  • Roll up the cords and pack lamps with bedding in a tissue-lined carton
  • Wrap any decorative knobs or hardware in a separate sheet of packaging paper and tape to the interior of the box
  • Fill remainder of the box with bubble or equivalent filler

With a vast selection of boxes, packaging materials, and packing tape, all of your packing needs will be fulfilled in one shopping trip.

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