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Tips for Moving a Business

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A business is very vulnerable during a move because productivity is essentially suspended. The quicker you are settled into the new facility, the better!

Buy your moving and packing supplies early: There is nothing more frustrating than running out of moving packing supplies early in the moving process. Be sure to purchase all of the supplies you will need, including tape and markers.

Proper packaging: Office appliances can be very expensive. Therefore, it is important to keep them safe during transport. First, you will need the right size cardboard boxes for moving; generally, you want a box that is slightly larger than the equipment so that you can add some protective packaging around the item. We carry boxes with multiple layers that can carry heavy objects. Some of our moving and packing supplies include bubble, kraft paper, cardboard sheets and packing peanuts.

Have a floor plan: So you've moved your office equipment, but where do you put it? Avoid further moving by creating a detailed floor plan of the new building before the big move.

Label your boxes: Labeling your cardboard boxes for moving is a good way of keeping things organized. We also recommend keeping related equipment together in the same box.

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