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Houston Packing Made Easy

Packing does not have to be a daunting ordeal. Just apply the following tips to your common household items, and you’ll discover that packing for a big or small move is something you can easily tackle.


  • Use a medium-sized box and line the bottom with bubble or an equivalent packing filler
  • Completely cover plates with packing paper, stacking plates neatly in box
  • Re-wrap the entire bundle of plates for extra security and to alleviate shifting when in transit
  • Make sure the plates are standing on edge in the box to avoid breaking

Glasses & Stemware:

  • Stuff glasses and stemware with packing tissue before wrapping to alleviate the possibility of breaking
  • Corrugated paper rolls or cellular boxes can be used for extra protection
  • Place on top of heavier flat items in the box (dishes, books, or magazines

One packing suggestion that will make the entire operation much easier is to find a one-stop box store that carries all of your packing and shipping needs. AAA Box in Houston has been supplying the Houston area with shipping materials for over a quarter century.

Electronic Equipment:

  • Pack valuable electronic equipment in its original package whenever possible
  • Consider wrapping the item in an old blanket or towel for added protection
  • Always wrap cords separately and properly labeled for easy re-installation

Lamps & Lampshades:

  • Remove all bulbs, harps and shades before placing in box
  • Roll up the cords and pack lamps with bedding in a tissue-lined carton
  • Wrap any decorative knobs or hardware in a separate sheet of packaging paper and tape to the interior of the box
  • Fill remainder of the box with bubble or equivalent filler

In addition to offering comprehensive box and packaging supplies, AAA Box is also a distributor of THARCO Container's complete line of stock and specialty-size boxes.

With a vast selection of boxes, packaging materials, and packing tape, all of your packing needs will be fulfilled in one shopping excursion.

For more information on affordable packing materials in Houston, please contact AAA Box at (713) 691-4498.

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