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Bin Trays for item Storage and Display

A bin tray is a simple, inexpensive solution to storing and displaying items. Easy-to-assemble open top boxes requiring no tape or staples, bin trays allow you to quickly organize any storage area.

Shipped flat, these affordable cardboard trays can be easily stored and assembled when needed. Made of heavy-duty durable cardboard, corrugated bin storage trays stack one on top of the other. This allows you to maximize your stock room space. When their use is over, the bin trays can be disassembled and stored until needed again.

Cardboard bin trays have a myriad of uses, from storing office supplies to auto parts – anywhere self storage space is at a premium. Stock rooms, hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses, auto parts dealers, factories, and electronic parts suppliers are just a few of the industries that use corrugated bin trays. Designed for easy set up and breakdown, corrugated bin trays are an ideal way to display merchandise at retail sales events such as a flea markets, county fairs and trade conventions.

We stock many sizes of bin trays, with heavy duty bin trays and jumbo bin trays available.

Besides bin storage trays, we carry a complete assortment of stock and custom sized boxes and packaging accessories, anything you need to get your packages where they need to go. Stop by our location at 5800 Clinton Drive, Houston, Texas 77020 or call us 713-691-4488 for the solution to all your shipping and storage needs.

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