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Houston Packing Supply: Your Houston Custom Shipping Supply Headquarters

Not every shipping or moving job is as simple as filling up a box with soft, unbreakable items. A Houston packing supply company needs to be ready to pack, ship or move many different types of unique items. Custom shipping supply needs for Houston area residents may include valuable paintings that need to be carefully bubble wrapped, breakable glass or crystal items that require packing peanuts, or important papers that need mailing tubes to be shipped properly. Houston, Texas customers may ask their shipping supply company for any of the following services:

  • Choosing the correct packing and shipping materials. It takes some expertise to choose the correct packing and shipping materials, otherwise valuable items could get damaged in the process. Some packing materials are unique to certain items—for example, mailing tubes are not used for every Houston, Texas shipping job, but they are invaluable for certain types of documents and artwork. It is best if you work with an experienced company that offers clients the services of professional packers who are familiar with the many shipping containers available for use.

  • Securely shipping valuable items. Once the correct shipping container is chosen, it is highly important that the person who is packing the items to secure them within the container in order to guard against damage during shipping. A Houston custom shipping supply company should have materials such as bubble, packing peanuts and other products that they regularly use. Customers who are packing and shipping particularly valuable items may want to specifically ask for extra shipping protection, or they may want to simply watch the packing process carefully so that they are assured their items are secure.

  • Obtaining appropriate postage and insurance. Once you have your items packed and ready to ship, it is very important that you are able to trust the Houston shipping company to order the correct amount of postage to get your package to its destination. There are many different modes of shipping to choose from, and customers will want to discuss their options before choosing one. Also, valuable packages should have adequate insurance as a safeguard against anything unforeseen during the shipping process.

For over 25 years, AAA Box Co, Inc. has been serving the Houston area’s custom shipping supply needs. We can provide you with just the right packaging and shipping services, and our experienced staff will be glad to work with any custom jobs. Call us today at 713-691-4488.

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