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Houston Packaging Material Includes More than Just Moving Boxes

For people who are moving across town or across the country, Houston packaging material means more than simply moving boxes. Houston movers are looking for a range of shipping supplies, as well as professional assistance to help them how to best make use of the available materials. If all that was necessary for an efficient and safe move was a bunch of cardboard boxes, Houston residents would simply head to the nearest grocery store. Instead, more and more people are turning to Houston shipping supplies companies for the best moving advice and the highest quality packing materials.

The next time you are planning on making a move, consider using some of the following materials as you ship your moving boxes around Houston:

  • Bubble: In the “olden days”, people who were moving would simply plan on wrapping their breakable items, ceramic plates and pictures in their towels or sheets; today, however, smart movers use bubble. This material is able to securely and safely cover a range of items, but is perhaps most useful when it comes to wrapping mirrors and portraits.

  • Packing Peanuts. One of the most efficient ways to pack many different breakable items together in a single box is to fill the box with packing peanuts. These handy shipping supplies help Houston movers quickly pack many different sizes and shapes, without the need to individually wrap every item. Further, some of today’s packing peanuts manufacturers have created their peanuts out of materials that are instantly biodegradable with water.

  • Single Face Corrugated Rolls. For one of the newest ideas in packaging materials, a growing number of Houston residents are turning to these corrugated rolls. This material is made from smooth fiberboard on one side and raised corrugated flutes on the other, and packers find that the consistency of these rolls makes it easy to smoothly wrap odd-shaped items very quickly.

  • Poly Bags. Sometimes movers get to the end of packing their house and realize that there is just a bunch of “stuff” that has been left out of the moving boxes. For Houston movers who want an efficient way to gather up these loose items, poly bags, or even large zip lock bags, are a great way to secure random items that do not necessarily warrant boxes.

Whether you are looking for a range of packaging supplies for your Houston move, or simply need a gross of moving boxes, contact the shipping and moving professionals at AAA Box Co. Inc. We have been serving the Greater Houston area for over 25 years, which means we are very experienced at finding the right product for every move, large or small. Call us at 713-691-4488 the next time you need help packing or shipping your valuable items.