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Essential Office Packing Supplies for Your Small Business

Running a small business is no easy task. Not only do you have to focus on making sure your company turns a profit, but you also have to worry about all the menial tasks that come with operating a business. One of these little tasks is making sure your office has all of the right supplies to operate smoothly.

With the right office packaging supplies, your company will be able to efficiently handle all of the day to day tasks that take up so much time. Here are some essential supplies your small business must have around the office.

  • Printed and Clear Tape- Every office must have printed and clear tape easily accessible. Throughout the day, you need tape for a multitude of tasks—packing items, posting signage, and securing documents. Always make sure your printed and clear tape is easy to find so that you don’t waste precious time looking for it.

  • Bubble and Padded Envelopes- Bubble and padded envelopes are a good office supply to have on hand. These office packaging supplies protect your important documents when you put them in the mail. You can’t leave the condition of your documents to chance in a thin, unprotected envelope. Always use bubble and padded envelopes to ensure the safety of the content.

  • Mailing Tubes- Like padded envelopes, mailing tubes are an essential office packing supply for protecting your documents in the mail. General purpose tubes can handle an array of material—from blueprints to breakable pieces.

  • Brochure Holders- If your office experiences foot traffic from clients and potential customers, brochure holders can be a great way to grab their attention. By placing your marketing collateral in a brochure holder on the front desk, customers will have their curiosity piqued. They’ll then be interested in learning more about your company, and this can help improve customer retention.

If you need office packaging supplies for your business, we can help. We’re AAA Box, a leading provider of packing solutions. Our team of experts will help outfit your company with all the equipment necessary to run your office efficiently. Contact AAA Box today for all your shipping and packaging needs!