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Houston Packing: 5 Tips for an Easier Move

Packing in Houston can end up being costly, time-consuming, and push you to the brink of a breakdown. This doesn’t have to be the case. The following tips will help alleviate your packing stress, save you time, and lighten your pocketbook. Moving just got easier.

1. Throw Away, Recycle, Or Sell:

Donate old clothes and items and get rid of unnecessary belongings before you start packing. For those items that are too valuable to toss, consider selling them to a consignment store or over the Internet – you may just end up covering the cost of the entire move. And lightening your load will truly aid the moving process.-

2. Start Early:

Procrastination is part of the human condition. But this is one time to buckle down early. The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have for unexpected delays – and believe me, you will encounter delays during a big move. Jumping in quick will help spread out the amount that must be accomplished on a daily basis. And an early start will also help alleviate an immense amount of stress come moving day.

3. Extra Boxes, Baggies, and Packing Supplies:

Most people underestimate the amount of packing supplies they’ll need for a move. AAA Box in Houston can serve as your one-stop shopping resource. They carry boxes in a stunning array of sizes and designs, as well as packaging materials, Ziploc bags, and packing tape. Steer clear of other box stores that only offer a limited number of packing options. Being able to rely on one location for all your moving supplies will make the move that much easier.

4. Label Clearly:

Never underestimate the benefit of clear labeling. Explicitly stating what contents a box contains and what room it should go to will save you hours of work and a major headache. One trick is use different colored markers in order to differentiate by category (fragile items, bedroom items, kitchen items, etc.)

5. Hire Help:

Give your aching bones a break by hiring temporary help to pack and move. If you’re moving a houseful of items, hiring a moving service is definitely worth the expense. One other economical option is to seek the assistance of friends and relatives. You can pay them back when it comes time for their own move (or perhaps they owe you for helping them in the past). Karma is a beautiful thing.

Regardless of how you choose to tackle your big move, let AAA Box be your one-stop store for all your moving and shipping needs. Located at 5800 Clinton Drive, Houston, Texas 77020, AAA Box is one of the most trusted names in the world of shipping.

So, if you’re in the market for a reliable and customer-friendly box company in Houston, look no further than AAA Box. For more information regarding all your packaging needs, please contact AAA Box at (713) 691-4498.

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