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Houston Box Company Specializes in Fragile Packing

Houston Boxes are best found at AAA Box Company. Whatever you are shipping, they have over a hundred wholesale boxes in stock with custom sizes available so you can find the box best suited to your needs. 

There is always apprehension when it comes to valuable items and fragile packing. Some items can't be replaced. Make sure your fragile valuables are properly packed for their journey to their destination with some help from this Houston packing supplies company.

First, wrap with your item in small bubble. If you’re placing more than one item per box, wrap each item in its own small bubble. Next, wrap the item with large bubble. If you’re shipping more than one item, you can wrap all of them together in one sheet of large bubble. Then enclose the items wrapped in bubble with stretch film.

Now you need to pick an appropriately sized box for moving in Houston. Make sure to tape the bottom of the box securely. Place a layer of peanuts on the bottom of the box. Place your item in the box and fill it with packing peanuts, making sure you don't pack the box too tightly. Fill it until you can't feel the item shaking inside the box - remember if it shakes then it can break. Securely tape the box lid shut. You may even want to wrap tape around the entire circumference of the box. Make sure you have warning labels on the outside of the box - FRAGILE - GLASS - DON'T DROP so the shippers will know to handle your box with extra care during transit.

AAA Box Company has what you need for each step of the way. They have corrugated cardboard boxes of all sizes in stock with custom sizes and shapes available. To secure your item inside its shipping container, AAA Box Company has a complete selection of Houston packaging supplies including large bubble, small bubble, stretch film, packing peanuts and foam. There are all kinds of shipping tape to seal your boxes and a wide selection of labels for any special instructions during Houston moving.

With a little preparation anything can be secured for safe shipping to anywhere in the world. AAA Box Company is here to see that you have the materials to insure that all of your Houston boxes get to where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in the condition promised. Contact them today at 713-987-4444 and make AAA Box Company the single source for all your Houston moving supplies.


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