Halloween Costume Ideas with Cardboard Boxes

Halloween is here and that means its time to come up with a costume. As a major Houston wholesale box supplier, we have seen quite a few creative costumes that involve cardboard boxes. Here are a few of the ones that stick out the most!


robot costume_cardboard boxesRobot costumes are timeless. Over the years, we’ve seen quite a variety of robots. Most of them involve painting a large cardboard box silver and cutting out arm holes. Since boxes are usually a bit wider than your shoulder span, I would recommend lining the arm holes with some kind of fabric. Otherwise, you may end up with some unpleasant paper cut along your arms.

The tricky part about a cardboard robot costume is that it usually requires headpiece. Paint a smaller cardboard box in any style and then place it on your head. You’ll want to make the eye slits pretty large because it can be quite difficult to navigate with your peripheral vision cut off!


lego costume_cardboard boxesA Lego piece costume is pretty easy to make and is perfect for kids. All you need is a cardboard box and 6 plastic cups. Carefully place the plastic cups in two vertical lines with three cups in each column. Try to space them out evenly so that the columns are symmetrical.

Next, paint (we recommend spray paint if you are not doing it with the kids and are in an open area) the box and the cups in whatever Lego-like color you prefer. Let it dry and then cut out arm holes and a hole for the head. Another alternative is to remove the entire top portion so that it is open and attach shoulder straps so that it will stay on.


This costume works best with a group or at least a partner. The design process is very similar to that of the Lego piece costume. You’ll want to gather 4 medium sized cardboard boxes and paint them the same color; neon and primary colors work best
tetris costume_ cardboard boxes

Next you need to arrange them in a good tetris-like fashion. If you are doing this costume as part of a group, you can design the costumes to fit with your partners. Next use black tape to attach the boxes to each other. Make sure to cut out certain faces so that it is hollow all the way through.Now simply cut the boxes in the best way so that you can slide your body through it, leaving holes for your arms and face.

Save money on your costume by making something goofy out of a cardboard box. For retail cardboard boxes, call the Box Superstore at (713) 863-7691!