Wholesale Packaging Supplies for Perishables in the Summer Heat

If you have done a lot of shipping, you know that the delivery process is generally not climate controlled. In the heat of a Houston summer, your perishable goods could easily incur damage during their trip. While you cannot avoid all heat damage, you reduce the probability of damage by using the right packaging materials. AAA Box Co. is a Houston box company that carries wholesale packaging supplies that can mitigate the effects of the heat. For more information regarding our packaging materials, please call (713) 691-4488.

Start Off at a Low Temperature

melted chocolate_wholesale packaging supplies

Chocolate is messy enough. You don’t want it to melt before it even gets to the customer!

If you are shipping items with a low melting point, you want to make sure to store them in the coldest temperature possible before shipping them. By starting off a very low temperature, it will take longer for the item to reach its melting point. For example, if you keep your chocolate in the freezer instead of in the fridge, you can add up to an extra day for shipping without ruining the chocolate. This will save the customer a ton of money in the long run!

Bubble Wrap: Protection and Insulation

An easy and cost-effective way to insulate your package is to add a layer of bubble wrap on the inside of your box. Not only does this help protect your package, but it helps retain a cool temperature. While all types of bubble wrap will do just fine, lining your box with bubble wrap that is covered in mylar on both sides works best.

Packaging Peanuts

Air can be a great insulator, but you want to make sure your items aren’t touching the inside lining of the box. How does one utilize air space and simultaneously keep the goods from touching the edges of the box? Cornstarch packaging peanuts are an excellent, biodegradable way to protect your gods while also keeping them separated from the inside lining of the box. I prefer these peanuts over the styrofoam ones because they are biodegradable, but both of them work equally as well.

Dealing with Moisture

Most foods and other perishable goods will let off moisture if they are overheated. To prevent a soggy package — which will make your goods spoil even faster — use kraft paper to soak up the moisture. Place this inside of the layer of bubble wrap for extra cushioning and absorbance.

Tape it Up and Add Labeling

Tape all the edges to seal the box completely. This ensures that hot air does not enter the box and that cold air does not escape. Duct tape works just fine!

The last step is to add a “Perishable” sticker on the outside of your package. This notifies shippers to treat your package more carefully.

For wholesale packaging supplies, Houston businesses trust AAA Box Co. For more tips about how to properly package perishable goods for shipping, contact one of our offices at (713) 691-4488.