Recycling your Wholesale Boxes in Houston

Are empty cardboard boxes creating a big mess in your stock room? Want to make money off of it? Of course you do! Although it requires a bit of time and energy, recycling your cardboard boxes not only helps the environment and saves you space at your shop, but it also replenishes your wallet! There are 2 ways to recycling wholesale boxes in Houston: the straight forward route or the lucrative route. In the first case, you simply collect the boxes and leave them in the recycling bin. While this is easy, you will not get paid for the type of recycling; in fact, you need to pay the City of Houston to pick up your recycling. The other option is to physically drop of the boxes at the recycling center, which will pay you money for your extra boxes. To make good money doing this though, you will need to break down the cardboard! Here’s how its done:

Investing in a Baler

Baler_recycling wholesale boxes in houstonAlthough a baling machine is expensive, they are a fantastic investment if your plan on recycling on a larger scale. Recycling facilities will pay up to twice as much for baled cardboard.

Using a baler requires a bit of training, so it is imperative that you train your employees on how to safely use this machinery. Typically, you can get a representative from the supplier to come in and teach your team. You will want to look to see what the municipal ordinances say about having a baler and make sure that you have the proper documentation.

Collecting your Wholesale Boxes in Houston

Once you’ve done the training, you simply need to put in place an efficient way to bale the boxes. Designate a place in your facility where your employees will put used boxes and select someone to run the baler daily or weekly (depending on the amount of boxes you have).

Delivering Them to the Recycling Center

Once you have baled all your boxes, you simply need to go to the recycling center and get paid. Some recycling centers will even pick up your recycling for your for a small fee.

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