Save Money With the Right Moving Box Company

moving box company for businessesFinding a new location for your business is quite difficult; actually moving an entire office is even more difficult. The move itself is only half the battle. Recently I helped my father move his business to another office building that was located just down the road. I was very surprised by how long it took us simply to pack up his office! After a few runs to Home Depot, the cost of packaging materials really started to add up. I realize now that what we should have done is called a moving box company to save some money on packaging supplies (not to mention saving the gas required for me to make all those trips to Home Depot). How can a Houston moving box company help cut moving costs? Let’s look at some of the ways a specialized wholesale packaging supply store can help.

Buying Boxes in Bulk

We were so tied up in trying not to buy too many boxes that we ended up consistently buying too few and having to make several runs to the store to buy more!! For big moves, I recommend buying cardboard boxes in bulk. You can buy large amounts of boxes from a wholesale supplier for a fraction of the price that you get at a retail store. You also save time in the long run since you only make one box purchase.

Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Boxes can get pretty pricey, but packaging materials can really drill a hole through your wallet if you don’t buy them wholesale. A quality moving box company, like AAA, sells top-of-the-line packaging materials in bulk. You can buy all of your packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, kraft paper, and cardboard sheets in one large order at a reduced price.

Used Boxes

Although chain box stores do not sell these frequently, local stores generally carry misprint and used boxes. You want to make sure you are purchasing these boxes from a reputable store or company so that you can guarantee the boxes are in good condition. Naturally, these boxes are cheaper than new boxes.

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