Cardboard Boxes in Houston – Reuse and Recycle

Out of the thousands of advancements in technology, we still have not been able to develop cardboard that does not come from tree pulp. Therefore, there is still a high demand for reusing and recycling cardboard boxes in Houston, one of our country’s largest industrial centers. As wholesale box suppliers, we’ve compiled a few tips to help businesses not only go green, but cut costs in the meantime.

Uncontaminated, Not Clean

wet cardboard boxes in houston

Wet cardboard cannot be recycled.

As long as your boxes are not severely damaged, you can use them again, right? Although this seems intuitive, one would be surprised by how many boxes go directly in the trash right after use.

Boxes in good condition can be donated to box stores which will sell them to other people at a discounted rate. Good cardboard boxes can also be submitted for recycling. What do I mean by “good” boxes? As long as the box isn’t coated in some kind of liquid or damaged, it is considered suitable for recycling. Boxes with tapes and labels will also be accepted at most recycling centers. On the other hand, wax-coated boxes are generally denied.

Best to Sell in Bulk

Because of the abundance of cardboard, it is generally more profitable to sell it in bulk. The best way to sell cardboard for recycling is to break it down completely. A baler will not only break down your cardboard, but it will also roll the cardboard scrap into a a compact roll that can easily be recycled. Cardboard in this form is more lucrative than when sold in sheets.

Reusing your Own Cardboard Boxes in Houston

If you have the room, save your boxes! You never know when you will need to ship something or you or a friend needs to move. Those boxes can save you time and effort in the long run.

Save money and go green by recycling and reusing your cardboard. If you are looking for cardboard boxes in Houston, call AAA Box Co. — quality boxes for wholesale prices.