Unleash Imagination with a Box!

Summer is here and that means kids all over the country are indulging in their colorful imaginative thoughts…Oh wait! This is the 21st century; can’t they just get an app to imagine for them?!  Are there still children out there that play around with random items in the house that aren’t meant to be used as toys in an effort to explore their creative side? Is imagination still prevalent or is it something of the past?  Of course not, keep reading for ideas and inspiration for projects the whole family will enjoy-Unleash imagination with a box!

After moving and settling into your new place whether it be a new home or office, think twice before throwing away your AAA Boxes. Ask yourselves, “Hmm…do I really want to throw away all these boxes? Instead of buying my child another toy….maybe I can build it for her/him using these boxes…I am sure they’ll love it!” (And, you’ll save yourself a lot of money as well!)

Let’s put that to the test. Give a child a box and watch imagination come to life instantly!

All over the internet, there are photos of some really fun and cool ideas that were made out of boxes. These projects are an excellent family activity that will allow you all to bond and unleash your creative impulses!  Here are a few:box dryer

box stand


box transformer

box stove

box train

To see more, check out “31 Things you can Make with a Cardboard Box That Will Blow your Kids’ Minds“!

Unleash imagination with a box, your child will be sure to have a lot of fun, and maybe even you!

Just in case you run out of boxes while creating these projects, check out our website or feel free to call us at (713) 691-4488 to see our array of box options!