What Do You Look For in a Box Store Houston?

survey for box store HoustonAs a local box company, we want to make sure that we are keeping up with the needs of our area. To do that though, we need your help! Our current clients are happy with our products and our service, otherwise, they would not be working with us. We want to reach out to those retail stores that opt out of buying local and choose to buy from an online supplier. We know that we can do it better than the big, online stores, but we want to know what services we could offer to make AAA Box Company your box store for Houston-based businesses.

Please take the time to review the following questions and get in touch with us on AAA’s Twitter or Facebook.

  1. How Do You Like Ordering Your Boxes?Personally, we like to talk on the phone when taking orders because it allows us to recommend more practical bundle options and get to know our clients a bit better. We also take online orders, although we do not list all of our products on the site. How do you like to order new boxes and packaging supplies? Do you prefer ordering online, talking over the phone, or meeting in person?
  2. What Boxes Do You Need Most? The type of boxes you use always depends on the type of business you have. Either way, we like to know what kinds of boxes your businesses uses first. Which boxes you always seem to run out of? Do you do your own custom labeling or do you pay a third party to do it.
  3. Do You Have a Regular Delivery Schedule?Come of our customers have established a set delivery schedule. We will deliver certain boxes to them at a set interval unless stated otherwise. Is this a service that your current provider offers? How would you like to order this service (through the internet or phone)?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping make this Houston box store better suite your needs!