Strong Cardboard Boxes: Catering to Shipping Supply Companies

If you are a shipping supply company, your most important items are generally cardboard boxes and special packaging supplies, like bubble wrap and packaging peanuts. Its easy to slip into the habit of getting all of your goods from the same old distributor; after all, why fix the sink if it ain’t broke?

What we’ve found is that many shipping supply companies do not realize that there are other distributors, like AAA Box, that can provide better boxes at a lower price. We encourage shipping supply companies to step outside of the box and research and compare box prices.

How Did We Get Our Prices So Low?

When you first shop with us, you may ask yourself, “How are they selling so many boxes at such a low price?”

The answer is reputation and experience. Over the years we were able to form a strong repertoire with some of the leading box manufacturers in the region. Our quality boxes come straight from the manufacturers, giving us a competitive edge over other box distributors.

Customer Service is a Top Priority

cardboard boxes customer serviceThe internet has made ordering boxes for your business easier than ever… until something goes wrong. Next thing you know, you are stuck speaking to an automated machine that has no idea where your boxes are.

At AAA Box, there are no dead-end answering machines. We personally answer all of our customer calls and work with you to determine what bundles of boxes best suit your needs and budget.

We can also work with you to custom design boxes for your specific products!

Top customer service and consistent customer satisfaction have made us the leading authority in Houston cardboard boxes. Call AAA Box Co. at (713) 691-4488 or follow us on Twitter @AAABoxCompany to learn more about our specials.