Get Ready for Spring Cleaning with Houston Packaging Supplies

Down South, spring is around the corner, meaning it is almost time for spring cleaning. In addition to cleaning the house, Spring cleaning is generally used to get rid of items that simply clutter the house. Whether you are getting ready to donate some stuff or trying to put things in storage, you are going to need some things to move all your stuff. Below are some Houston packaging supplies that will make Spring cleaning just a bit easier.

Cardboard Boxes

Spring cleaning_houston packaging suppliesBoxes are necessary for storage. Make sure to get boxes of a variety of sizes so that you can fit all of your storage items comfortably. Cardboard boxes are designed to withstand heavy weights and a variety of environments, making them the perfect storage containers.

Unlike their plastic counterparts, cardboard boxes can be easily folded up and stored for later use, leaving you with a clutter-free solution for future storage needs.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is necessary to keep your boxes well-sealed and your storage items intact. Duct tape and painter’s tape are not designed to properly attach to cardboard; heavy items can easily undo boxes if they are not properly taped.

We highly recommend packing tape when moving any items in boxes. The trip to the attic is a lot easier if you are not worried about the boxes falling apart!

Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts

Fragile items require a little extra cushioning. If you are storing fragile items, or simply transporting them to a donation center, you need to make sure that you properly wrap them for the trip.

Some items that may need bubble wrap or packing peanuts include wall art, sculptures, pots and pans, plates, glasses, bowls, and nik naks.

When it comes to storing items during your Spring cleaning, you can never have enough packing materials. Call AAA Box Co. at (713) 691-4488 to learn about our selection of Houston packaging supplies.