Cardboard Boxes Houston: Creative Uses

When we think of cardboard boxes in Houston, we generally think of using them for storage, moving, or shipping. Recently though, cardboard has become a popular material for several other objects, spanning anything from bikes to furniture to simple art projects. Here’s a few creative uses for cardboard boxes that really caught my eye:

Cardboard Bike

cardboard bike_cardboard boxes houstonIsraeli engineer Izhar Gafni designed a bike that is made almost completely out of cardboard. Several experiments were conducted to determine which folds and shapes of cardboard were the strongest. The end result is an inexpensive (about $15 to make), lightweight bike that can support humans that weigh over 400 lbs.

Corrugated Box Hanging Lamps

cardboard lights_cardboard boxes houstonDesigned by Graypants, these lighting fixtures use the form of the corrugation to create a unique, contemporary look. These lamps could be made by cutting and gluing cut sheets of corrugated cardboard in a specific fashion to form whatever shape you desire. These light fixtures also cast a very uncommon pattern of light, setting a nice mood wherever they are.

Cardboard Chairs

wiggle-chair-cardboard boxes Houston

Wiggle Chair, Frank Gehry, 1972.

The first cardboard chair I saw served a strictly artistic purpose. Upon doing a bit more research though, I found that cardboard furniture is relatively popular, especially with environmentally friendly organizations, and is far more functional than I originally suspected. Below are a few of the the more elegant cardboard chairs I have seen. Visit Inspiration Green’s website for more ideas concerning cardboard furniture.

loveseat_cardboard boxes Houston

Loveseat by Emilie Mazeau-Langlais

cardboard chair_cardboard boxes Houston

The cardboard version of le Corbusier’s “le Gran Confort” club chair by Nick Michelin.

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