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Serving Houston Over 40 Years

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Houston Boxes: Wholesale and Retail

As greater Houston packaging supply company, AAA Box Co. has been able to supply Houstonians with wholesale boxes and packing materials for over 25 years. Yet they realized long ago that wholesale boxes did not work well for most individuals. For this reason, AAA Box Co. has a subsidiary great Houston packaging supply store – the Box Superstore – that sells retail boxes and packaging materials. To learn more about AAA Box’s Houston boxes and their retail branch, please call 713-691-4488.

Packaging Supply Store for the Greater Houston Area

The Box Superstore specializes in packing materials, specialty boxes, and moving supplies. Unlike other box retailers, our staff not only provides you with the right packaging materials for your shipment, but also helps you pack your item.

When it comes to Houston boxes, the Box Superstore carry a variety of stock boxes of different shapes and sizes: anything from Gaylord boxes to di-cut boxes. In addition, our store also carries gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and bakery boxes, making the Box Superstore your one-stop shop for holidays and business needs.

Ready to move? The Box Superstore boasts a large selection of moving tape, kraft paper, packing peanuts, bubble, plastic wrap, and cardboard dish protectors.

Wholesale Boxes from a Greater Houston Packaging Supply Company

On the other hand, AAA Box actually provides companies with boxes at wholesale prices. This packaging supply company carries everything from boxes with detachable lids to large, triple-wall boxes. Moreover, AAA Box Co. has the ability to build and produce custom boxes for specific products.

See some Houston boxes you like at the Box Superstore? Chances are AAA Box has more of them. Call AAA Box at 713-691-4488 to learn more about our inventory.

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